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About Us

AngloConnection is an online tutoring platform that connects teachers with students from all over the world via Skype. We have an extensive experience teaching students from all ages. AngloConnection has a group of professional certified English and Spanish language teachers, dedicated to providing English and Spanish classes of the highest quality. We aim to give our students a place to learn, practice and exchange knowledge worldwide. With our method, we help students improve and build up their confidence as well as enhance their skills in listening, reading, speaking and writing. Join us today!


Learning through the Cloud!

Is it effective?

Our experience tells us that online teaching is on the growth, many students are contributing to this development, seeking opportunities for flexibility of scheduling online studies. With AngloConnection, learning a language online can be flexible and convenient, students can access the lessons anytime from anywhere via Skype, with no need to sit down for long periods of time. Learning with AngloConnection can be an enriching experience since students will be able to interact and develop their language skills at their own pace with our teachers in a more approachable online setting, with closer feedback and corrections.

The greatest opportunity of being a part of AngloConnection, is that students will be able to save money by not having to physically attend classes. Our online lessons will help you cut down costs of transportation, babysitting or other expenses incurred by attending traditional classes.

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